Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New 87 Chart – 26 Pick 4 HITS 3 Straight-23 Box!


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1.       New 87 Chart – 26 Pick 4 HITS 3 Straight-23 Box!
2.       Back-Tracking Updates – I Ignored the Warning!
3.       New Hot 5 6 Lotto Numbers GiveAways Posted  - Mega Millions Highest Jackpot EVER!

New 87 Chart – 26 HITS 3 Straight-23 Box!

As you may know, I’m always looking for ways to simplify my winnings.  I created the 87 Chart in hopes of doing just that.  26 Pick 4 Hits since March 6, 2012 were foretold from this Chart.  3 Hits were on the chart in Straight order; the remaining 23 Hits were in Box order.  I'm still simplifying this process because 279 numbers it produced is a lot of numbers. 

Log in to your VIP Members Video Library to see how you can create your own 87 Chart or one similar in your State and how to narrow down which numbers to play.

Back-Tracking Updates – I Ignored the Warning!

I was warned by a customer who had asked me to not go public with my Lottery Code Breaker Book and Pick 3 / 4 Pattern discoveries when I first started promoting the book and membership website.  He said “it would only open up pandora’s box.  The Lottery System will only make it harder for us to recognize these patterns in the future.”

He went on to say more, but this was the jest of his conversation.  How right he was.  Back-tracking was already challenging; however, the past couple of months it has grown tremendously harder with even more challenges. 

New Back-Tracking Updates info is included with the 87 Chart Video in the VIP Video Library.  I show you what to further look for when back-tracking to your reveals.  There are some “keys” or “tell-tell” signs that can give you better opportunities with selecting the right reveals.

New Hot 5 6 Lotto Numbers Posted – Mega Millions Highest JACKPOT EVER!

Mega Millions is at its highest Jackpot this Friday, March 30, 2012—some 500 Million and growing! 

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